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Researching: Truckenmiller, Sulouff, Brown, Smith, Confer, Forney, Lumbard, Ridge, Oberdorf, Aikey


Kinship of Heather Alice Sulouff

Name Relationship with Heather Sulouff Civil Canon

Brown, Thelma Grandmother of the husband

Confer, June Alice Mother I 1

Lumbard, Joseph Great-grandfather III 3

Lumbard, Nina Grandmother II 2

Ridge, Nina Great-grandmother III 3

Smith, Lloyd Grandfather of the husband

Smith, Miriam Grandmother of the husband

Smith, Patsy Ann Mother-in-law

Sulouff, Carl Emery Father I 1

Sulouff, Carl Lucian Grandfather II 2

Sulouff, Heather Alice Self 0

Truckenmiller, Charles Frederick Father-in-law

Truckenmiller, Daniel Ward Husband