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Sorting Out The Henry's

Misc Notes on my search for "My" Henry Oberdorf, father of John Christian Oberdorf  1826-1905

So far, I do not know where any of these Henry's fit for sure, and I have no evidence that any of them are the Henry, father of John Christian, that I am looking for.  If you have any additional information, or any other Henry's that you know of, please email me, I'll add them here and maybe eventually we'll get enough information to link them all in!


Henry M. Oberdorf, Civil war era         Henry Overturf              

 Henry Overdorf, d. abt. 1795           Henry G. Oberdorf 1829-1913

Henry Oberdorf the Ohio Census            Henry Oberdorf Father of Samuel

From the book Snyder County Pioneers, Henry possible son of Andrew


Henry M. Oberdorf )

Listed as a private in company D, 152nd reg 3rd artillery, in Bell's History of Northumberland County Pennsylvania, page 432.  The civil war was 1861-1865.  Henry G, below, also served in the civil war, but in a different unit, so we can assume these really are two different Henry's, I think.   :-)  It IS possible He served in two different units, and it is possible that the M. is a misprint. But I'm working on the assumption that this is yet another Henry.

(John Christian Oberdorf was born in 1826.  Assuming his father was at least 20 when he was born, that would make him born before 1806 - making him at least 55 when the civil war broke out.  Possible I guess, but I think this is an unlikely match for me.)


Henry Overturf

Will   Census  Notes


Will Of Henry Overturf, on file at Union County Courthouse, Lewisburg Pa

1197  1886-3

In the name of God, Amen.  I Henry Overturf of the Township of Gregg County of  Union and state of Pennsylvania, being in good health of body and of  sound and disposing memory praise be to God for the same) and being desirous to settle my worldly affairs while I have strength and capacity to do so.  Do therefore make and declare this my last will and testament in the manner following that is to say I order that my funeral expenses and charges of proving this will to be paid by my three grand children Namely Robert Overturf one fourth, Joseph Overturf one half and Clarra Overturf intermarried with Jonathan Fisher one fourth.  Those three being children of my son Samuel Overturf with his first wife. And I give and bequeath my two lots on which I live situatated in the village of Allenwood Township County and State above mentioned.  Known as lot numbers ten /10) and eleven /11) on the original plot of Uniontown /now Allenwood) as laid out by  MCurdy [C could be an L] ) situated on the south side of Broadway Bounded by Broad Street, Columbia Street, Arbuckles lot and Robert W. Brown’s lot as follows ‘to ___ [just?]” To Robert D. Overturf during his life and then to his heirs Fifty feet /50) in widths off south and of lots Nos eleven /11) and ten /10) from Columbia st to Robert W. Browns lot, along Arbuckles lot then twelve feet /12) to be left for an alley along the North side of said fifty feet lot to run from Columbia St to Robert W. Browns lot for the use of said three parties mentioned in this will.  Then fifty five feet /55) on Broad Street (commencing on Robert W Browns lot) off lot number ten /10) on  and the same width back to the said alley  of twelve feet /12) before mentioned along Robert W Browns   lot be given and bequeathed to Clarra Fisher nee Overturf during her life time and at her death to her Heirs, and the balance of lots Nos   Ten /10) and eleven /11) not disposed of to be given and bequeathed to Joseph Overturf during his natural life time and at his death to his Heirs. Which will be all of lot No Eleven on Broad Stree and Eleven freet /11) of lot No Ten /10) on said street allongColumbia street to the afore said alley of Twelve feet /12) wide before mentioned.  My Bureau I give to my great granddaughter Elizabeth Fisher daughter of Jonathan and Clarra  Overturf  Fisher.

In Witness hereof I the said testator have to this my last will and testament set my hand and seal the 26th day of July AD 1884 

Henry Overturf

 Witness Present at

Signing of will

By Testator

E.S. Gudy Kunst

Chargeth [? Not positive that is the correct word here, the handwriting is difficult to read] ES Gudy Kunst 

The word  “children” inserted on the 12 line

 and the “first” on the 13 line

were inserted before signed

E.S. Gudy Kunst


I henry Overturf wish to revoke so much of my will made the 26th day of July AD 1884 as related to my grand son Rovert Overturf and I know will and bequeath the part of lot which I had willed to Robert D. Overturf and to his Heirs to Margaret Overturf wide of my grand son Joseph Overturf of Allenwood Penna and I also revoke a power of Attorney which I gave Robert D. Overturf some time ago to attend to a law suit I had commenced in Elk County Penna to recover some land. And I also will and bequeath one half  of all my interest in said suit or land and one half all money that that may he maid out of said claim to Joseph Overturf my grand son and the other half to my son Samuel Overturf  _____________ I have  hereunto set my hand and seal this 5th day of February AD 1886

 his X Mark

Henry Overturf

 Witness present at


E.S. Gudy Kunst

N Gudy Kunst

 The words “one half of” on 10th line

And the words one half of” on 11th line

The words “and the other hald to my son

Samuel Overturf” on the 12th line

Were inserted before signing.

                  E.S. Gudy Kunst

Typed by Heather Truckenmiller, from a copy, 2/27/2006  Typists notes in brackets [ ]   


Census Material:




Name:    Overdorf, Henry   (image 7/22 in  - Henry is the ONLY
Overturf/Oberdorf in these 22 images
Home in 1840:    Washington, Lycoming, PA
County:    Lycoming
State:    Pennsylvania
Year:    1840
Roll:    M704_473
Page:    144
Image:    290
ages of family: 1, age 15-20; 2 ages 20-30; 1 age 40-50; FEMALES: 1 age
20-30; 1 age 30-40; 1 age 40-50





1850 PA census, Lycoming County, Washington Township, image 37/51 at
family #410 Henry Overturf, age 50, Laborer, $100, born in PA
Susanna, age 60, born in PA

Name:    Samuel Overturf (not properly indexed in instead,
listed under "Henry Overturf". Image 36/51)
County:    Lycoming
Township:    Washington Twp
State:    Pennsylvania
Roll:    M432_795
Page:    403  Household #403
Image:    437
Family members:
Samuel Overturf, age 24, Tailor, born in PA
Elizabeth, age 24, born in PA
Henry C., age 8 months, born in PA
Elizabeth Hains [unrelated?], age 15, born in PA

Name: Henry Overturff
Age in 1860: 65
Birth Year: abt 1795
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1860: Brady, Lycoming, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Post Office: Williamsport
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members: Name Age
Henry Overturff 65
Susan Overturff 71

Name: Saml Overturf
Age in 1860: 35
Birth Year: abt 1825
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1860: Brady, Lycoming, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Post Office: Williamsport
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members: Name Age
Saml Overturf 35
Elizth Overturf 35
Henry C Overturf 10
Robert H Overturf 8
Clary Alton Overturf 6
Jos E Overturf 4



Not listed in Washington Twp this year.  Where did he go?


1880 Census From
Henry Overturf  b: Abt 1800 in PA
Age 80 ? living with Grandson, Jonathan Fisher
and Grandaughter, Clara
her Father was Samuel Overturf (son of Henry)


Jonathan FISHER Self M Male W 27 PA Laborer PA IRE
Clara A. FISHER Wife M Female W 25 PA Keeping House PA PA
George L. FISHER Son S Male W 3 PA At Home --- ---
Elisabeth C. FISHER Dau S Female W 10M PA At Home --- ---
Henry OVERTURF GFather W Male W 80 PA At Home GER PA


 Charley A. SHAFER Self M Male W 37 PA Works On Farm PA PA
Ellen A. SHAFER Wife M Female W 29 PA Boarder PA PA
Catharine Elisabeth SHAFER Dau S Female W 2 PA --- ---
Robert D. OVERTURF Other S Male W 28 PA Works On Farm PA PA

Source Information:
Census Place Gregg, Union, Pennsylvania
Family History Library Film 1255197
NA Film Number T9-1197
Page Number 431A


NOTE: Allenwood, Union County, is immediately adjacent to Lycoming County-
hence, it is possible that daughter Clara A. was born in Allenwood, Union,
PA in 1854- even tho 1850 census placed Samuel in Lycoming County.


(Based on my supposition that John C's father was born before 1807, the dates here work.  That would make this Henry at least 80 when he wrote this codicil, easily within the realm of possibility.  There is no mention of John C. as a grandchild, but it is possible this Henry played favorites.  with the census info, I can be sure this Henry was the right possible age to be John's father.   I haven't ruled this Henry out, but I have no indication that he is the "right" one either.)



Henry G. Oberdorf





Name: Henry G Oberdorfh
Age in 1860: 30
Birth Year: abt 1830
Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Home in 1860: Armagh, Mifflin, Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
Post Office: Milroy
Household Members: Name Age
Henry G Oberdorfh 30
Sarah Oberdorfh 28
Catharine J Oberdorfh 5
Charles E Oberdorfh 2
Emma C Oberdorfh 1
Soloman Hartzler 42
Jacob Rudy 18


.   (Definitely not my Henry, since him and John C. were close in age.  They could have been brothers or cousins, or not related at all. )


Henry Overdorf - died abt. 1795




Northumberland County Pa                              173                                                  Will Book I Page 173


Henry Overdorf's Will

In the name of God Amen.

I, Henry Overdorf in Haines Township North’d County of Province Pennsylvania am in my full senses in good memory for which I thank God, so make and ordain this last will and Testament on the Seventh day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and seventy four, in the following meens.  I recommend my soul in the hands of the Almighty God, and my body to the earth, and also give and bequeath I now­­­­­ ­­­­­ to my loving and worthy wife Catharine her chest and bed & bedstead, the bible her saddle and a hors to ride to the church, and the pewter furniture and the copper kettle and one iron pot.  Also shall she live in this house while she is a widow, and my son John shall give her yearly ten bushels of wheat and take it to the mill and bring the flower in the house again and shall cut her firewood and take it to the hous as much as she will want.  Further should he give her yearly twelve pounds of hecheled flax and twelve pounds of tow [two] and six bushels of turnips and six bushels of patatos and seventy five pounds of  hogs meat and she shall have one cow for her use, which she chuses and my son John shall feed the cow thrue the winter lik his own and in paster, and he shall gave her a part of the garden growths further shall she have her spinning wheel and likewise the real [reel] and the big wheel for her use and the table shall remain in the house and the above mentioned articles shall be her own while she lives as a widow further shall my children  divide the cattle to one like to the other that is to say that my don John and my daughter Elisabeth further shall my don John keep my daughters share of the cattle until she is married towards it he shall have the benefit thereof and she shall have one half ore moyet of the calfe of her cattle fu5ther shall my son John have three hed of hors kind my saddle andall the geers wagon and plow and harrow and my tools and what belongs to the farming besness and the Win [wind] Mill shall be praised and the half of it shall be pay to my daughter Elisabeth but  the rest of the housel furniture shall be praised and hoever will keep it shall give goods to the other in money and further shall my son John shall the one half the land 1150 acres so that the debts thereon may be paid and the other 150 acres he is to have for his share, that is  to say where we live on and afterwards shall he pay two hundred pounds to my daughter Elisabeth that is to say when she is twenty years of age and there shall he gave her for the first payment fifty pounds if he kan without his damage, but if he should suffer damages by it he is to give her only twenty five pounds and then he shall give her twenty five pounds yearly until the rest of the two hundred pounds is paid further shall she have one horse fit to plow with and when she marries also shall my daughter Elisabeth help my don John to work in the time of harvest and hay making  until he is done and at any time when he is in need of her, and ever winter four weeks of spinning tword that shall he son one quarter of an acre of flax every year during that time that she lives   single with him, the above mentioned she is to do so long as she is single, and the rest of the time she is to have for herself.  And he shall give her the boarding while she is cleaning and spinning her flax, so I order herewith my son John and Philip Voneda for my executors I also testify herewith that this is and shall be my last will and testament which I acknowledge with my own hand and seal    this seventeenth day of November the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and ninety four Henry Oberdorf .  Witnesses present George Geiswhite  Michael Motz Northumberland County ____  [fst?  Pa?].  Be it remembered that on the seventeenth day of May 1796 Michael Motz & George Geistweed the two subscribing witnesses to the foregoing will who being duly sworn according to the law with that they are personally present and did see Henry Oberdorf the testator sign seal and declare the foregoing writing to he his last will and testament & that at the time of so publishing the said will he was of sound mind and disposing mind and memory. As the deponents do believe according to their knowledge and best of their understanding that the deponents wrote their names as witnesses in the presence of each other and further saith not George Geiswite, Michael Motz  sworn subscribers this same date and year before me.     Jn. Simpsen RegL.


Be it remembered

That on the seventeen the day of May in the year of our lord 1796 the last will and testament of Henry Overdorf deceased written in the German language was duly proved and approved before me of which, the foregoing records is a true translation as on the oath of Jacob Hosterman it is ascertained and the Letters of Testamentary issues in due and common form of ______ to John Overdorf and Philip Voneda, executors there in named on the same   day.  Witness my hand the same day of year Jn. Simpsen RegL    

This is a fun book, but even more fun is that the will quoted on pages 4 and 5 (actual pages 126 and 127, but pages 4 and 5 of this electronic document) is the will of this Henry Oberdorf.


Henry Oberdorf in the Ohio Census:

CENSUS: 1830 Bloom Twp., Fairfield Co., OH page 163 line 21. Henry Overdorf. Males: One under 5, one 5-10, one 10-15, one 30-40. Females: one under 5, one 5-10, one 10-15, one 40-50

CENSUS: 1840 Bloom Twp., Fairfield Co., OH p 5 line 29. Henry Oberdurf. One male 40-50, one female 5-10, one female 10-15, one female 15-20, one female 20-30, one female 50-60.

CENSUS: 1860 Lithopolis, Fairfield Co., OH; visitation 280/279
OVERDOVE, Henry 68y, doing little chores, b PA
", Magdalene E., 74y b PA

 Samuel Overturf, Son of Henry

G-Great Grandfather
Samuel, as a young boy in Pennsylvania attended an English school, where
the teachers spelled his name'Overturf' instead of Oberdorf. This name
was carried on through his life, as when he entered the Army, he entered
under the name of Overturf. His four brothers  attended a German school
and retained the name of Oberdorf.


Grandpa Samuel Overturf gave Grandfather Charley Miller 80 acres if he
would move to this county (Butler) from Penn.

Samuel Overturf's moved later, about 20 miles  - neighbors to Silas
Needham.  That is where Helen Overturf met Melville and they were married.

Samuel bought the Miller home place near Aredale."

From the book Snyder County Pioneers, Henry possible son of Andrew

1810 1820 1830
Overdorf, Henry (image 1 of 2 at; 1810 PA census,
Northumberland County, town of Setins Grove
occupation: mason?  two male 0-9; one male 26-44; one female 26-44

Name:  Overdorf, Henry  (image 12 of 15 at
Township:  Penn
County:  Union
State:  Pennsylvania
Year:  1820
Roll:  M33_113
Page:  48
Image:  61
 Ages of people in Henry Overdorf household:  3 males: 1 age 0-9; 1 age
16-18; 1 age 16-25; 1 age 45+; 1 female, age 45+
1830 PA CENSUS Name:
 Overturf, Henry
Township:    Gibson
County:    Clearfield
State:    Pennsylvania
Year:    1830
Roll:    M19_161
Page:    241
Image:    467
1 age 15-20; 1 20-30; 1: 60-70; 1 female 15-20


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