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Lewis Aikey In the Civil War

The 51st Regiment of Pennsylvania


American Civil War Soldiers Record about Lewis Aikey
Name: Lewis Aikey ,  
Enlistment Date: 15 October 1862  Distinguished Service: DISTINGUISHED SERVICE 
Side Served: Union 
State Served: Pennsylvania 
Unit Numbers: 2302 2302 
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 15 October 1862
Enlisted in Company K, 51st Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania on 15 October 1862.
Mustered out Company K, 51st Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania on 27 July 1865 in Alexandria, VA
Source Information:
Historical Data Systems, comp. Military Records of Individual Civil War Soldiers. [database online] Provo, UT:, 1999-. Data compiled by Historical Data Systems of Kingston, MA from the following list of works.  Copyright 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 - Historical Data Systems Inc.P.O. Box 196 Kingston, MA 02364


Research Notes:

"Five other companies from Union County responded to the appeal for fresh recruits after the First Battle of Bull Run. More than 500 hundred men were organized into Companies E, H, and K, of the 51st Regiment, Company D of the 52nd, and Company E of the 53rd. Many of those who formed the 51st had been part of Company G, the first unit to leave for the war. Based on that service, some received a promotion in rank. Company E, the Shriner Guards, was under the direction of Captains G. H. Hassenplug and William R. Foster, and First Lieutenants Francis R. Frey and John A. Morris (attended University of Lewisburg, Class of 1860).

Company H, the Linn Rifles, was commanded by Captain J. Merrill Linn, and First Lieutenant George Shorkley. The officers of Company K, the Walls Guards, were Captain George P. Carman, and First Lieutenants Josiah Kelley and John B. Linn. Commanded by Colonel John F. Hartranft, the 51st saw more action than any other local regiment, traveling a total of 10,438 miles to fight in 20 battles. "

Company K


Parker, Thomas H., Captain, 51st Pa. Infantry. History of the 51st Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers and Veteran Volunteers, Philadelphia: King & Baird, printers, 1869.

Sauers, Richard A. (ED.) The Civil War Journal of Colonel Bolton: 51st Pennsylvania, April 20, 1861-August 2, 1865. Cambridge, MA 02141:  Da Capo Press, Perseus Books Group, 2000. $9.95


Lewis Aikey, October 15th, 1862; mustered out with company July 27th, 1865.

Zachariah Aikey, February 22d, 1864; mustered out with company.
July 27th, 1865.

The 51st Regiment of Company K

Recruited at Union and Northampton Counties; three years service; mustered in 11/12/1861 and if not, first date is muster-in date; mustered out with company July 27, 1865 unless otherwise stated; when mustered out on expiration of term, date is November 12, 1864; rank of Private unless otherwise stated; G.O. is mustered out by General Order; S.C. is discharged on Surgeon's Certificate:

Capt George P. Carman; term

Capt William S. Mellick; wounded 11/16/1863 Campbell's Station; vet

Capt John E. Titus; resigned 9/10/1862

1st Lt Jacob Fryberger; discharged 10/3/1864 for wounds received 1/18 Petersburg; vet

1st Lt Jacob Hawk; vet

1st Lt Josiah Kelly; resigned 7/25/1862

1st Lt John B. Linn; 9/29/1862; resigned 3/9/1863

2nd Lt J. Franklin Beale; resigned 12/28/1861; recommissioned 9/29/1862; resigned 4/7/1864

2nd Lt Frank B. Stermer; wounded 11/16/1863 Campbell's Station; killed 5/12/1864 Spotsylvania

2nd Lt John Vanlew; vet

1st Sgt Daniel W. Eichman; vet

Sgt Uriah F. Dean; vet

Sgt John C. Dittler; 2/1/1864; vet

Sgt James Gibson; killed 7/30/1864 Petersburg; vet

Sgt Theodore Moser; vet

Sgt Franklin S. Moyer; died 6/16/1864 of wounds received 5/12 Spotsylvania; buried Arlington; vet

Sgt Thomas C. Pierce; killed 6/17/1864 Petersburg; vet

Sgt George H. Sherry; 2/26/1864

Sgt Albert Snyder; died of wounds received 9/17/1862 Antietam

Cpl James Barnhart; 2/3/1864; vet

Cpl Richard Berryman; 2/27/1864

Cpl William Buoy; died of wounds received at Cold Harbor

Cpl Christopher E. Cole; 2/26/1864; vet

Cpl Jacob F. Cole; 2/22/1864

Cpl Henry G. Dentler; captured; died 5/17/1864 Andersonville

Cpl Thomas Foster; killed 8/19/1864 Yellow Tavern; vet

Cpl John P. Huber; S.C. 3/18/1865; vet

Cpl Francis Ludwig; 2/25/1864

Cpl Theodore Odenwelder; wounded 5/6/1864 Wilderness; absent at muster-out; vet

Cpl Nicholas Reinhart; 2/26/1864

Cpl Philip Richards; term

Cpl David Shingle; killed 6/3/1864 Cold Harbor; vet

Cpl John Sutton; G.O. 5/11/1865; vet

Cpl Daniel Troxell; US Army Regulars 10/27/1862

Cpl Francis Troxell; vet

Cpl Jacob Troxell; killed 7/7/1864 Petersburg; vet

Musician Montgomery S. Adams; vet

Musician Philip Bratton; 10/28/1861; mustered out 11/16/1864, term

Musician William D. Ritter; vet

Lewis Aikey; 10/15/1862

Zachariah Aikey; 2/22/1864

Benjamin P. Allen; 3/29/1865; G.O. 3/15/1865

Solomon K. Anderson; 3/2/1864; drafted

Thomas J. Arbuckle; captured; died date unknown

Amandus Atlee; 3/28/1862; G.O. 6/1/1865

Jacob Augenstein; 3/25/1865; substitute

Joseph Babcock; 2/27/1864; absent sick at muster-out; vet

Absalom Baldwin; 2/8/1865; captured; died 9/24/1864 Andersonville

Daniel Benfer; 10/11/1862; S.C. 1/12/1865

Franklin Bentley; 2/3/1864; discharged 2/25/1865

John Betzer; 2/8/1864

Wayne Bonnell; deserted 6/16/1865

George W. Bostain; S.C. date unknown

Jacob Bower; substitute; deserted 7/11/1865

Martin Bower; US Army 10/27/1862

William D. Bower; 2/8/1864

Abraham Burns; US Army 10/27/1862

George Buss; wounded and captured at Knoxville; term

Jacob Cliner; Vet Res Corps date unknown

Matthew B. Covey; 2/24/1864

John T. Cox; 2/8/1864

Lemuel J. Crossgrove; term

Samuel Crossgrove; vet

Henry A. Daly; US Army 10/27/1862

Thomas T. Depo; Vet Res Corps 1863

Alexander Diebler; 3/23/1864; captured 5/27/1864 North Anna; absent at muster-out

Franklin F. Duck; 11/15/1862; captured 8/21/1864 Weldon Railroad; absent at muster-out

George N. Dull; 2/1/1864; died 9/19/1864 Alexandria

John Eckley; 9/27/1864; drafted; G.O. 6/11/1865

Henry Edwards; drafted; deserted 6/1/1865

John Eickner; 3/23/1865; drafted

John Fangford; 2/22/1864; wounded 5/6/1864 Wilderness; absent at muster-out

George Fisher; 3/1865; not on muster-out roll

Thomas T. Fisher; died 1/12/1862 Annapolis

John F. Foley; substitute; deserted 5/23/1865

Jacob Fortner; discharged 1862 for wounds received 9/17/1862 Antietam

Alpheus Frey; deserted 5/5/1864; vet

Daniel Fritz; 2/27/1864

John Fritz; 2/27/1864; G.O. 6/11/1865

Frederick Futchey; 3/31/1864

James C. Gallagher; MIA Second Bull Run

James S. Garret; 2/26/1864; captured; died 8/19/1864 Andersonville

Henry Gangeer; 2/25/1864; vet

John Geddes; deserted 8/1862

William Griner; S.C. 1862

Franklin T. Grube; 2/19/1864; G.O. 5/12/1865

Nathan M. Hahn; 10/14/1862; G.O. 5/11/1865

Martin K. Hann; prisoner at Andersonville; exchanged 4/15/1865

John Harris; 2/22/1864; died 6/30/1864 of wounds received 6/17 Petersburg

John F. Hemperly; 2/25/1864

Isaiah Henry; 10/14/1862

Daniel Herzog; 2/25/1864

John Hickernal; US Army 10/27/1862

John Hoffman; 3/29/1864

Edward Hold; Vet Res Corps date unknown

George V. Holden; discharged 8/12/1863

Charles Hoover; 2/22/1864; died 11/12/1864 New York NY

Daniel Hoover; 2/22/1864; died 6/27/1864 of wounds received 6/17 Petersburg

Peter Houselman; 3/7/1864

Henry Houtz; 3/7/1864

Christian Hummel; died 6/1862 Newbern NC

Jesse Huntzberger; 3/2/1865; drafted

Charles Kaiser; S. unknown

Xavier Kauffman; 3/25/1865; substitute

John Kemmell; Vet Res Corps date unknown

Charles Kinney; 9/13/1864; G.O. 6/13/1865

William M. Kinney; 9/3/1864; died 10/27/1864 City Point VA

Jacob Kramer; 2/3/1865

William K. Krites; 1/29/1863

Alfred Kuntz; 2/27/1864; captured; died 11/5/1864 Salisbury

William R. Logan; 2/17/1864; vet

Henry Lorah; 3/23/1865; drafted; G.O. 7/10/1865

James Ludwig; 1/30/1864; captured 5/12/1864 Spotsylvania; absent at muster-out

Philip J. Mann; 3/29/1864; G.O. 6/2/1865

James Marr; 2/26/1864; absent sick at muster-out

Howard Matley; 9/27/1864; drafted; absent sick at muster-out

Anthony McBride; substitute; deserted 4/5/1865

Paul McBride; discharged 12/1862 for wounds received 9/17 Antietam

H.L. McMullin; 9/27/1864; drafted; G.O. 6/1/1865

William S. Meylert; 2/8/1864; G.O. 6/23/1865

Nicholas Miller; substitute; deserted 4/5/1865

David Mills; term

Joseph G. Moore; 2/22/1864; Vet Res Corps 6/10/1865

James E. Morgan; 3/7/1865; drafted

Charles Morse; substitute; deserted 4/5/1865

Jacob Neifert; 3/23/1865; drafted

James O'Neil; 11/15/1864; substitute

Daniel G. Ocker

Raleigh Paege; 10/15/1864; substitute

Edward H. Patterson; killed 12/1/1863 siege of Knoxville while doing duty as houseburner

Joseph M. Poeth; 2/17/1864; G.O. 7/11/1865

William Poust; 2/17/1864; died 9/10/1864 of wounds received 8/19 Yellow Tavern

Alonzo Proof; 2/26/1864

Benjamin Rank; 2/22/1864; wounded 6/3/1864 Cold Harbor; absent at muster-out

John Rank; 2/15/1864; died 5/14/1864 of wounds received 5/12 Spotsylvania

Samuel Rank; 2/15/1864; G.O. 5/3/1865

Francis Reedy; deserted 2/1864

John Lee Reese; 2/11/1864

David Reichley; 10/14/1862; G.O. 5/17/1865

John Reifsnyder; 3/23/1865; drafted

William Reifsnyder; term

Solomon Reish; 2/22/1864; captured 8/21/1864 Weldon Railroad; absent at muster-out

Edward H. Richards; 2/5/1864; died 9/10/1864 of wounds received 8/19 Yellow Tavern

Erwin Richards; discharged 1/1863 for wounds received 9/17/1862 Antietam

Philip Richards; term

Benjamin Rider; 2/26/1864

George S. Riter; 3/25/1865; drafted

John Ritter; 3/7/1865; drafted

Henry Robb; 10/15/1864; substitute

Andrew Robinson; 3/27/1865; substitute

Edward Rosenberger; 1/31/1865

David Rossman; 2/26/1864

Benjamin F. Roush; 2/26/1864; S.C. 2/10/1865

Samuel Royer; term

William T. Rundio; S.C. 9/1862

James Ryan; deserted 4/5/1865

Joseph Sarba; term

Daniel Scheeks; died 7/1864 of wounds received at Petersburg

Chris. Scheeks; killed 8/19/1864 Yellow Tavern

Paul F. Schenck; 3/23/1865; drafted

Alfred Schilling; 2/22/1864; wounded 5/6/1864 Wilderness; absent at muster-out

Peter Schlegel; 3/25/1865; drafted

Frederick Schwep; killed 5/6/1864 Wilderness; vet

William Search; discharged by sentence of G.C.M. 2/15/1865

George S. Shafer; 2/26/1864; died 3/18/1864 Harrisburg

Thomas C. Shafer; 2/23/1864; G.O. 7/15/1865

Robert B. Shaw; 10/15/1864; substitute

Michael Shires; term

Henry C. Showers; 2/12/1864; G.O. 6/27/1865

Lewis Singer; Vet Res Corps date unknown

John Snyder; 3/25/1865; drafted

Ephraim Souder; term

Abram C. Southard; 3/3/1865; drafted; G.O. 6/26/1865

Jacob P. Springer; 3/3/1865; drafted

David C. Stees; 2/26/1864

Edmund Steinberger; 3/25/1865; drafted

Samuel G. Stidinger; term

William M. Stutzman; 2/22/1864; wounded in action 7/10/1864

Cline Summers; discharged by sentence of G.C.M. 2/15/1865

Thomas Swagers; drafted; G.O. 6/1/1865

Joseph C. Taylor; 3/7/1865; drafted

William M. Trutt; 2/8/1864

Lyman B. Turner; not on muster-out roll

John T. Twigg; 9/27/1864; drafted; G.O. 6/1/1865

Nathaniel Vancuran; 2/25/1864; wounded in action 6/16/1864; absent at muster-out

William H. Vogel; vet

Augustus Wagner; 3/23/1865; drafted

Charles Walker; 3/25/1865; drafted

John Watts; not on muster-out roll

Robert Wertz; 10/22/1863; G.O. 5/22/1865

John Widdell; 10/21/1862; died 10/26/1864 of wounds received 6/3 Cold Harbor

Charles W. Willet; 2/29/1864; killed 5/12/1864 Spotsylvania

William Wilson; 10/15/1864; substitute

John Winegarden; 2/8/1864; wounded in action 6/6/1864; absent at muster-out; vet

William Yates; 7/9/1862; wounded 9/17/1862 Antietam; absent at muster-out

Tobias Yearick; S.C. 10/1863

Seneca Yoder; 3/25/1865; drafted

Alfred Yohl; 2/25/1865; captured; died 10/26/1864 Salisbury

History of the 51st Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, Thomas H. Parker;  Philadelphia, 1869.




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