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The Truckenmiller Mill


   Daniel Vincent, from Essex county, New Jersey, built a mill on
Warrior run, one of the first mills in the northern part of the county.
This was a log building, and was replaced in 1792 by a stone structure.
The Truckenmiller mill and the old Wilson mill, also on Warrior run,
were established at a later date. Alexander Guffy had a distillery in
operation prior to 1800, and several establishments of a similar
character have since been conducted by different individuals. An
equally important industry was the ashery of a Mr. Harrison, where
potash, soda, and other products of ashes were manufactured. The
proprietor opened a road from his establishment to the Susquehanna
river; it received the name of "the Potash road," which still retains
local significance. In recent years a tannery was operated by Jacob
Stitzel, but at the present time, so far as the industrial interests of
the township are concerned, Delaware is best described as an agricultural

 From: History of Northumberland Co., PA - Chapters 27-32

CHAPTER 32 - Pages 752-764



Sign, where the Mill once Stood.  Photo taken 2005




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