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Truckenmiller Tombstones & Cemetery Listings

Monument At Watsontown Cemetery


(This is not a complete listing in either cemetery, I have more to add when I have time to sort through)  

Union Cemetery Company

Located in McEwensville
This where many of the early Truckenmiller Ancestors are buried.

Located on the far upper left side:
Solomon Truckenmiller 1821-1896
Wife: Eliza (Strauss) d. 1829
Mary J. Truckenmiller 1859 –1913

Located on the far upper right side:
Picture of Row, includes :
Jacob d. 1880, Sarah d. 1873, an unreadable stone, and Jacob d.1862
Jacob Truckenmiller April 15th 1880
Sarah, wife of Jacob d.1873 Aged 70 yrs 15 days
There is a beautiful script writing a the bottom of the stone that I could not read, I hope to be able to decipher it this summer.
Jacob Truckenmiller d. “1862 at a hospital in Fredricksburg Virginia”
GAR marker reads 1861-1865

Bottom right side of cemetery:
Redclay / Truckenmiller Perpetual Care Marker
Charles Truckenmiller 1813-1893
Charles wife Susannah Truckenmiller 1820-1892
Hattie W. Truckenmiller 1873—1936
Edward B. Truckenmiller 1870-1950
Solomon Truckenmiller d. 1857 aged 72 years 4 months 26 days
Rebecca Truckenmiller d. 1886 aged 60 yrs
Susan Truckenmiller d. 12/25/1885 73 yrs, 6m, 15d

Watsontown Cemetery

There is a huge marker located here, with the Truckenmiller name on two sides, pictured at the top of this page.  I have copies of the original order for this stone, and will scan and add them soon.  

Daniel Truckenmiller 1838-1918 (also listed on marker)
Mary Truckenmiller 1842-1920 (also listed on Marker)
Minnie Shively, daughter of Daniel 1875-1930 (also listed on marker)

C. Frederick 1904—1976 (also has wife Catehrine’s name on stone)

Ward Welsh Truckenmiller and Thelma Brown 1908-1970 & 1908-1992





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